Cometh with love

Cometh with gain

Cometh with pain

Ceaseth with rain…

Like joy coupled with sorrow

Seasons come and go

Within it sometimes the heart burns and churns…

Like the rain it clears and frees

Our thoughts off all worries

Giving a fresh start and hopeful stay

Set high above the sun

It reflects our lives

Each day within its race

Makes our each and every moment

An unforgettable one

Caressing our worries away

Giving a fresh start and joyous stay

within the other…







Sometimes I wonder

If I know myself at all

If my spirit… Soul

Feels at home in this earthly shell of a body

Because I cannot seem to

Agree there could be

A mutual agreement between them

And even so the knowledge

That my brain gathers about myself…

I wonder if I

If myself…

The real me knows of them (the knowledge)

I feel lost in this gigantic space of a planet

Where every action taken by the real me

Whom I think is a mere acquaintance

Is quite out of the question

Maybe I really need a new planet

A new shell… A new body

Where I could inhabit 

And observe the older me

For I am lost in this shell

‘Cos I feel lost in me…

For my name, do I even know of it?

Oh I forgot I am me

But I am sorry there is no more

Of the me I know, that could be told

‘Cos all I know about myself

Is that I am me, and I am lost.

Written by  Ajay Safoah

Antisocial Butterfly

I​ could fold up my wings

If the need be…

Could change back into the 

Caterpillar… into my world…alone, just me

But hey, I’m too matured to be trampled 

Upon by your hate… 

Your insecurities…your fears…

So then I will keep up with the heights

Moving forward with the gears

Facing my fears even if its with tears

‘Cos I’m too strong to be killed 

By those spears

call me the anti social butterfly

-Ajay Safoah

Nature’s Plight


With every rising sun 

Crystal clear clouds

New young souls are ushered

Into unfamiliar abodes

Their presence and their cries bring but joy

But when the moon appears in the dark skies

Spiteful men conspire against each other

In its dim lights

After all the bliss

Innocent souls are lulled 

Into a false sense of security

Sarcastic as man is… Only

God knows of our thoughts 

The ruthless inhumane nature

By which man’s soul (dignity) is handled

There is yet no peace in such a world

One full of bitterness and pure hatred

Where love is chased out and the cries

Of mother earth’s children ignored

A world in which violent men 

Shutter the dreams of the poor

Marring nature’s beauty of perfection.

Ajay Safoah

Straight or Laid

Six feet above

We know not what 

Lies below our feet

Should that be a defeat?

‘Cos there’s no acquaintance fleet

And six feet above

We know not how to succumb

And oh! Quel dommage!

Six feet above

Are we gonna go below 

Empty? Let’s call it

Six feet below

Is it gonna come as a blow?

Are we gonna be laid with regret

Or we gonna be paid respect

Mmm! That’s weird!

So Monroe said to…

Give it all out now

Like I mean every talent

Each duty, the gift within 

So we could visit the cemetery


Shaming the graveyard

‘Cos its gonna rob us off nothing

It was all finished

Six feet above while we lived

Do it with love

And six feet below

Don’t let it come as a blow

Yeah! Six feet below
Written by Ajay Safoah

Smile :)

K.O.N.O sang me

A beautiful song

Which wasn’t long

He said to…


One day, AJAY

It would take 

You by surprise

But you need not pay a price

As you’ll look back and…


Every penny gained

Each cent cast

And lost is worth it

I tell you not to expect it

But do everything

Even if its nothing

With much pride

‘Cos life’s no simple ride

Game it with much esteem

Not looking at its steam 

‘Cos you have to look back and…


K.O.N.O says to… smile

Like AJAY, you don’t taste the… bile

‘Cos we’re all here together but

You’ll one day walk 

Alone on the…tile

Through that…aisle

Towards that …mile

Hey!! It’s gonna be… Worthwhile



Written by Ajay Safoah

Memories (Part2)

Nights had we gathering around the fire

We called it by-the-fire side

We had logs of trees

There was nothing to hide

We never vlogged

Never blogged

We were busy with our golds


Which were more precious than mirror

Even the almonds

Plugging almonds 

Never being summoned

No! It wasn’t common

Huh it wasn’t…oh yeah when I was your age…

When I was your age 

The skies were friendly

Smiling boldly

Promising a life

To be lived splendidly…

Even our hearts were so true

As the sky is blue

I never did wish to have

‘Cos I had it all 

When I was your age…

Written by Ajay safoah

Memories (Part 1)

 When I was your age

I called the world green

I called the heart of men love

‘Cos that was all we could have

And nothing was done in half…

When I was your age

There was no rage

We could find safety written on every page

Green grass fields

Friendly farm fields

Even birds would sit still comfortably

On their perching trees at the sight

Of the hunter

There was nothing to  alter…

Problems were solved by ‘sorry’

There was seldom sight of a lorry

We’d  walk miles not feeling sorry

No guns no puns

All we could do is eat together in big pans

If not buns

It was a simple by-the-fire dance…

Written by Ajay Safoah


I promised never to go back

To the things that broke me

But this is just a simple comeback

To the same things that hurt me

They have been my addiction

But they seem to be my kryptonite

Maybe my heart’s just not ready for any action

Just beating as slow as it can

Trying to catch the sight of a knight

‘Cos even with all my might

I can’t just be without my addiction…

By Ajay Safoah